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Available Tags

ConsensusPOSProof of Stake Consensus
ConsensusPOWProof of Work Consensus
CycleCycle 2009-2011Bitcoin Cycle 2009-2011
CycleCycle 2011-2015Bitcoin Cycle 2011-2015
CycleCycle 2015-2018Bitcoin Cycle 2015-2018
CycleCycle 2018-2022Bitcoin Cycle 2018-2022
CycleCycle 2022-20XXBitcoin Cycle 2022-20XX
Date2009Launch Year 2009
Date2010Launch Year 2010
Date2011Launch Year 2011
Date2012Launch Year 2012
Date2013Launch Year 2013
Date2014Launch Year 2014
Date2015Launch Year 2015
Date2016Launch Year 2016
Date2017Launch Year 2017
Date2018Launch Year 2018
Date2019Launch Year 2019
Date2020Launch Year 2020
Date2021Launch Year 2021
Date2022Launch Year 2022
Date2023Launch Year 2023
Date2024Launch Year 2024
DateNewNew Token Launched < 6M
EcoRoninRonin Ecosystem
ExchangeBinance CandidateHigh Volume Token Not On Binance
ExchangeCoinbase CandidateHigh Volume Token Not On Coinbase
L2-typeOptimisticOptimistic Rollup L2
L2-typeValidiumValidium L2
L2-typeZKZK Rollup L2
LanguageMoveUses the Move Smart Contract Language
NarrativeAAAccount Abstraction
NarrativeAIArtificial Intelligence
NarrativeBluechipDeFi Bluechip Token
NarrativeDePINDecentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks
NarrativeLow Float / High FDVLow Float / High FDV
NarrativeLRTLiquid Restaking Token
NarrativePolitFiToken related to Politics
NarrativePrivacyPrivacy Token
NarrativeRuneBitcoin Rune Token
NarrativeRWAReal World Assets
NarrativeSoFiSocial Finance
NarrativeTelegramIs/Has Telegram Bot