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The Blockchain overview page provides an overview of the top-performing assets within each blockchain.

Graphs showing top assets in each blockchain.

Utilize the time selector to modify the time interval displayed. Please note that changing the interval will not alter or recalculate the results. For more comprehensive adjustments, use the main time and filter selector located at the top right of the page.

See Appendix: Blockchains for a list of all available blockchains.

Time and Filter Selection‚Äč

Utilize the Time and Filter component to adjust the time frame for all charts and to apply various filter settings:

Time and adjustable Filter feature.

  • LTR-100: Show Tokens with "Marketcap Rank < 100"
  • LTR-300: Show Tokens with "Marketcap Rank < 300"
  • ASMA-10: Show Tokens Trading "Above Simple Moving Average 10"
  • ASMA-50: Show Tokens Trading "Above Simple Moving Average 50"

For term explanations see Appendix: Vocabulary.