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Release 23.1

Creator of Inuali

Just in time for Christmas 🎄we are happy to announce the rollout of our first public release. 🥳


  • We've updated our system to provide data in more frequent, one-hour intervals.
  • We prioritize the data loading of important tokens.
  • Join our new Discord server to discuss market trends, or report bugs.
  • The first version of the Documentation is now available.

One-hour Interval​

All pricing data is now accessible in one-hour intervals. This enhancement allows for more effective use of the comparison feature over shorter periods, such as week-to-date. Additionally, all performance metrics are now calculated using the most recent hourly data.

Hourly pricing data for effective short-term comparisons.

Faster Data Availability​

Data for trending assets is now prioritized for loading, ensuring that information for these priority assets becomes available as quickly as possible. We have also successfully enhanced our data loading speeds by up to 2x, continuing our commitment to fast performance.


Inuali now has its own Discord server where you can discuss market trends, report bugs, and provide feedback. See Discord Access to find out how to join.

Screenshot of Inuali Discord.


A first version of the Inuali Documentation is now available, providing instructions to assist you in using our services effectively.

Screenshot of Inuali Documentation.