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Release 24.3

Creator of Inuali

Just in time for spring, a new Inuali release is out!


  • Exchange Market Data
  • New Ecosystems
  • Scrollable tables and other UI improvements

Exchange Market Data

The new market data table on the token details page shows where the token is traded and where liquidity is best. We strive to integrate the most important and trusted exchanges. Please let us know if an important one is missing.

Token market data table

Exchange Market Data Backend

We now regularly query the most important exchanges for all available tokens. A newly built admin dashboard will help us discover and add new and trending tokens even faster.

Admin exchange backend

We aim to continuously add new and trending tokens and make them available for analysis. During this process, we also add projects that don't have a token yet. You can check them out by clicking the "Preview and Unconfirmed" filter option in the token table.

Tokens Preview

New Ecosystems

We've added the following new ecosystems: Bitcoin, Blast, Base, Sui, Aptos, Injective, Mantle, and Linea. Check out our ecosystems list to see which ecosystems are currently covered.

User Interface Improvements

As with every release, this one also includes many small user interface improvements:

  • Small tables are now scrollable
  • On mobile, clicking on the token name in the chart legend now leads to the token details page
  • A click on the ecosystem or sector name in the token details view now opens the token table with the corresponding filter