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Release 24.4

Creator of Inuali

Our latest update is out!


  • Token Tags
  • Chart Screener
  • UI Enhancements

Token Tags

Each token can now have multiple tags assigned. Some tags are manually set, such as the currently popular narratives like AI or DePIN. Some tags are also automatically generated, such as the year the token was first traded or whether the token is mined with a proof of work algorithm or staked.

If you click on a tag on the token details page, the overhauled screener view will open with the tag as pre-selected filter option.

Token tags

You can also use the screener view with the new tag filter to find potentially interesting assets. For example, the CEX candidate tags will show tokens that trade with high volume on other exchanges but not on the selected ones. These tokens are good candidates for a potential listing, which could result in a price jump when listed.

Screener Tags

Chart Screener

The chart screener is a brand-new feature that displays a price preview chart for tokens matching the selected filters. This view can show up to 18 charts and allows sorting by market cap, volume, or price change.

Screener Tags

Minor Enhancements

This release also includes several improvements in the following areas:

  • Clicking on a sector or ecosystem column on the overview dashboard now opens the screener with the corresponding filter pre-selected.
  • We have streamlined the subscription model. Basic users now have access to more timeframes but are excluded from some pro-only features.