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Release 24.5

Creator of Inuali

Our latest update is now available! This update brings the new screener compare feature and lots of small UI refinements.


  • Screener: New Compare View and Filter by Tokens
  • Filter: Global Filter and Better Mobile Filter Experience
  • UI Enhancements: New Small Number Format, Better Tooltips and Moore


Compare View

The new Screener Compare View allows you to directly evaluate the relative performance of assets. By default, it displays the top 12 tokens with the highest market capitalization from your filter selection. However, you can also choose to view assets based on the best price performance or highest trading volume.

Crypto Screener Compare Feature

Token Filter

The new Token Filter enables you to compare the performance of any tokens side by side.

Crypto Screener Token Filter


Global Filter

We've upgraded the main top filter to be a global setting, meaning it now persists across all pages. To reset the filter, simply use the new "Clear Filter" button located in the header section.

Global Filter and Filter Reset

Mobile Filter

The top filter has been redesigned for better usability on mobile devices.

New Mobile Filter

User Interface Enhancements

Small Number Format

To improve the experience for our meme coin traders, we've introduced a new number format for displaying very small values. This format counts the leading zeros after the decimal point. For example, 0.0000122 is now displayed as 0.0(4)122.

Small Number Format

New Tooltip Format

We’ve changed the tooltip format in the compare views to provide more information. Now, in addition to the token name and percent gain, it also displays the blockchain and the sector the token belongs to.

New Tooltip Format

New Tags

We've expanded our tagging system with several new categories:

  • L2 Type: For Layer 2 networks, we now indicate the specific type (e.g., Validium, Optimistic, ZK).
  • Low Float / High FDV: We now identify and tag tokens with a low circulating supply <20% and a high fully diluted value greater than >$500M.
  • Bitcoin Cycle: New cycle tags (e.g., 2015-2018, 2019-2022) show during which Bitcoin market cycle a token was created.

We continuously add new tags to help your analysis. For an up-to-date list of all available tags, please visit our auto-generated documentation.

Other Updates

We've made several additional improvements:

  • Kraken Exchange Integration: We've expanded our exchange list to include the Kraken.
  • Data Refresh Enhancement: We've resolved an issue where new data wasn't loading on pages left open for extended periods without user interaction.

We're excited for you to explore the new features and improvements. Please let us know if you face any issues.