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Token Details

On the Token Details page gives you a detailed overview of the token. You can see the token's price, market cap, volume, and more.

Token details page overview.

The header of the Token Details page shows the token's symbol, name, ecosystem, price and price change. The price change is calculated as the difference between the current price and the price at 00:00 UTC.

Token details header element showing symbol, name, price.

Directly below the price, you can find quick links to external resources:

  • Search: Find the token's ticker on X.
  • Coingecko: Lookup the token on Coingecko.
  • TV: View the token's ticker on Tradingview.
  • X: Explore the token's profile on X.
  • Web: Visit the token's official website.
Price Update

The price is updated every hour and the last update time is shown on mouse hover.

Price Chart

The price chart shows the token's price over time. You can change the time frame by clicking the buttons on top right or by using the navigator below the chart.

Price chart, showing the token's price over time.

When the following conditions are met, the chart will change its color to green, indicating a bullish trend:

  • ASMA-10: Price is above the 10-period daily SMA.
  • ASMA-50: Price is above the 50-period daily SMA.
Green price chart, indicating a bullish trend.


The Description tile shows a short description and in which ecosystem and sector the tokens belongs to. On the top right of the tile, you can find the market cap rank of the token.

Screenshot of the token description tile.

Market Data

The top section of the market data tile displays the token's market cap, volume, circulating supply, and the fully diluted market cap. Below, you can see where the token is traded and where liquidity is deepest. The order book depth gives you an indication of how much capital is required to move the market 2% up or down.

Screenshot of the market data tile, showing the token's market cap, volume, circulating supply.

Latest News

The latest news section shows the latest news articles related to the token.

Screenshot of the news section showing the latest news articles related to the token.