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The Tokens Table is one of the most versatile tools on the platform. It allows you to filter and sort through all the tokens on the platform.

Token table with filter options.

Click on the token name to go to the token page. The token page contains all the information about the token, including the tokenomics, charts, and more.

Search and Sort

The search bar allows you to search for a token by name or symbol. To sort the tokens, click on the column header.

Token table search and sort


The filter allows you to filter through the tokens on the platform.

  • Analysis: Filter by different technical analysis indicators.
  • Ecosystem: Filter by Ecosystem.
  • Sector: Filter by Sector.
  • Metadata: Filter by token metadata like rank or status.

Token table analysis filter


All sorting and filtering options are saved in the URL. This means that you can bookmark the page with your favorite options.