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Start Your Day Informed

Kick off your day with the dashboard. See the top news and which coins, ecosystems and sectors are doing the best right now.

Inuali Dashboard


Discover Top Performers with Ease

Navigate effortlessly through the crypto universe to uncover top-performing coins. Use our technical analysis filters to speed up your research, saving you valuable time.

Inuali Dashboard

Ready to travel to the Moon?

Explore our app dashboard now, no login required.

Quoka astronaut travelling to the moon

Token Screener

Create Your Own View

Use our crypto token screener to focus on ecosystems and sectors that interest you. Adjust the settings to narrow down your choices and save your setup to come back to your personalized view anytime.

Token Details

Detailed but Focused

Get all the essential token information at a glance. The comprehensive yet concise token details provide the clarity you need to make well-informed decisions.


Analytics for Everyone

Our affordable pricing makes crypto analytics accessible to everyone. Start free and upgrade at any time.


Free / during beta

probably free forever

  • Market Overview
  • Basic Compare
  • Basic News
  • Basic Token Details
  • Basic Filters

Free / during beta

between $20 and $40 afterwards

  • Market Overview
  • Full Compare
  • Full News
  • All Token Details
  • All Filters

Frequently Asked Questions

Find straightforward answers to your most common questions here.

  • Inuali is a bootstrapped project by taika808, a seasoned crypto investor.

    Initially created as a personal tool during the 2022/23 bear market, it has since evolved into a comprehensive analytics platform.

  • Yes, Inuali is free to use as long as it remains in beta.

    After the beta period, our pricing will be affordable. Our aim is to make it available to anyone genuinely interested in crypto trading and investing.

  • The beta period will last until most of the basic features are implemented and the app has been sufficiently tested by enough beta testers.

  • To join our Discord server, simply follow the instructions provided here.

  • Please check out our support page on how to get help.